Outsourcing Services

As the world of IT requirements rapidly changes, meeting business  goals requires flexible  models that  secure  the  right  balance  of  talent  and expertise.   In  order  to  adapt  to  these  critical demands, customers sometimes reach the point where   spending on IT  development  is  less important than what they use it for.

We  are proud to offer this outsourcing service for our customers in order to enable them to draw on the right mix of resources, while reducing their FT development cost structure, and customers will benefit from  having ready-skilled IT staff for the different roles within their organization, while having the opportunity for On-Job learning for their own IT staff.




Expert Resources Readily Available

Support Resources

  • Upgrade Best Practices.
  • EBS 12.1 Info Online Training, Doc, more.
  • Proactive Support Tools , Upgrade Advisor
  •  Support Communities: Upgrade, Customizations, Patching, and more..
  • Advisor Webcasts
  • Available to all customers with active support contract.

Advanced Support Services

  • Tailored advanced services for your needs, including technical expert onsite for few weeks for upgrade assessment at very low cost


  • Upgrade assessments; upgrades & implementation projects 
  • Broad expert partner ecosystem

Managed Private
Cloud Services

  • Your Oracle Applications managed any way you want; choice of hosting @ Oracle, @Your Servers ,or hybrid options.
  • Upgrade AND move from on-premises to managed cloud

On the other hand, it assists job seekers in finding suitable opportunities in the markets where Swedish Technology Recruitment has offices. Swe- tech Recruitment complies with offering services of high standards and specifications, supported with a well-experienced work team and an information network connecting all offices.