Oracle EPM | Hyperion | Essbase

Providing enterprise-wide performance improvements by linking strategy to plans with financial and operational results to goals.

Oracle Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) Cloud delivers market-leading applications for companies of all sizes and industries around the globe. SWETECH assists in providing EPM applications with Cloud-based delivery to help our customers expose business potential, drive predictable performance, report with confidence and connect your entire organization.

We provide our customers many benefits with specializations in Oracle Hyperion and deep expertise in Essbase, which supports extremely quick response times for a large number of users, a large amount of data sets and intricate business models. It provides the best environment for effectively developing customized management applications that work well in enterprises.

Our Oracle Cloud Solutions EPM business and technology experts have consulted with hundreds of customers nationwide on ways to improve and exceed their operational and financial performance goals with a rapid and effective move to the Cloud. We can help you migrate and securely transform your financial processes to ensure timely and accurate reporting, financial transparency and integrity and rapid close and forecasting cycles.