Oracle ERP | HCM | SCM | BI | APEX

The use of managed solutions is on the increase as many companies have discovered this is the best way to leverage Cloud technology in their operations.

Companies ultimately have options now and can customize the setup of their enterprise class information technology infrastructure. SWETECH helps our customers leverage the most complete choice of solutions and Cloud deployment options. Our team of Cloud Experts manages a broad portfolio of Oracle applications and technology and provides customers with an integrated and cohesive management service model across a range of enterprise systems including ERP covering Human Capital Management (HCM), Supply Chain Management (SCM), BI, APEX and more.

Empowering your internal teams, taking control of your business and playing to your strengths are the core areas where SWETECH Managed Cloud ERP suite of business applications can help your organization grow profitably.

With SWETECH’s Managed Cloud Services, you can leverage our excellent reputation and years of experience so you’re able to focus on core competencies and re-direct your resources. Our goal is to offer you the full value from your investments, more choice to deploy and control your business applications the way you see fit, and we offer you more confidence the system will perform and scale as required.